Jasmine Vaughan

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Jasmine Vaughan

Photo by Rylie Cerasani.

Age: 20
Major: Criminology/Justice Studies
Class Level: Sophomore

Campus security. Incomparable dresser. Highly skilled soldier.

She makes almost everything she wears but refuses to step foot in Rockwell Hall. Her mother has always had a huge influence on her style.

But behind the ripped jeans, vintage blouses and graffiti Timberlands stands a soldier in the Army National Guard. Jasmine Vaughan, who enlisted three years ago, already holds the title of specialist. In a matter of months, she will be Sgt. Vaughan.

Always smiling with a round face, and just a smidge over five foot, it's interesting to know she's certified in grenade throwing and night fire.

Although her baton is attached to an aviation unit, her main job is to supply ammunition and meals.

"If you need bullets and food, I'm the one you come to," Jasmine says.

She knows how to perform first aid under combat fire and properly shoot and handle machine guns. She’s certified in handling fully automatic, fully rapid and fully dangerous M-4s, M-16s and M-249s. The majority of the population will never get to gain the same experience as her.

There is a possibility that she will have to deploy to serve and protect, but because of her position that time isn't now. She has more time to focus on her career in criminal justice.

She ultimately wants to go into forensics. “I'll probably be going to grad school and majoring in biology in order to fulfill that," Jasmine says.

As a backup, she would like to work for the FBI or CIA. Kent State offers an online graduate program in criminology and criminal justice that allows a student to graduate in two years.

"That's something I'd like to grab hold of and take that opportunity," Jasmine says.

In the meantime, she patrols the dorms at night as campus security and marches through the snow to class during the day.

Jasmine Vaughan, a certified soldier, is more than a student.