Put away your winter clothes and your winter drinks

Written by Carley Hull on . Posted in Teafaced

Iced Coffee

Photo by Leah Klafczynski.

After a surprise April blizzard (thanks, Ohio), the chill of winter is slowly warming back to a reasonable temperature. That means finally shedding the winter coat applies to your coffee house beverage too. Forget grabbing the coffee cup sleeve and go for something iced. Kent’s coffee shops are brewing iced coffees just in time for the warm weather. Climate change isn’t just for the weather, but your coffee too!

Tree City Coffee & Pastry “Iced Coconut Macchiato”

I am convinced that I belong at the beach, so loving everything coconut isn’t a stretch. If you are already a fan of Starbucks’ “Coconut Mocha Frappuccino,” you are in for something even better. Tree City baristas are crafty and have come up with a bunch of Easter treats like the “Little Peep” and the “Jelly Bean Frappe,” but if you are already in the warm weather mindset, the “Iced Coconut Macchiato” is for you.

The drink is a simple macchiato with iced milk and shot of espresso, but the iced milk base is paired with delicious coconut syrup. Caramel drizzle tops off the drink.

The coconut syrup and iced milk is creamy and refreshing without tasting overly artificial, and the shot of espresso is just enough to keep up your energy on a nice walk in the sun.

Dunkin’ Donuts “Iced Coffee”

I could write an ode to Dunkin’ for its iced coffee helping me through so many late-start mornings and all-nighters, but instead I’ll just tell you how delicious their iced coffee is.

Now, I love an iced coffee from Tree City or Starbucks, but Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee has it all: the right price, the right taste and a drive through. This is the trifecta for many college-life decisions, but it’s especially important for coffee.

I like my coffee sweet and creamy, so asking for it sweetened and with milk is all part of the ritual. The coffee is just strong enough to have a nice smooth taste and the milk and simple syrup (sugar syrup) make it a nice sweet treat.

If you want more flavor, Dunkin’ has released a plethora of iced coffee flavors including Irish crème, caramel and cookie dough. Still, I go back to the original and am not disappointed.

Scribbles Coffee Company “Iced Coffee with White Lavender Mocha Syrup”

Scribbles is a fantastic hole in the wall coffee shop with a great assortment of teas and wacky syrups. The baristas are friendly and always willing to suggest a new and even weird drink every time I go in. I can safely say I try something new every time I visit.

On my quest for a new iced coffee, I was presented with the white lavender mocha syrup to pair with my iced coffee. It’s strange, but it’s delicious. Because spring has finally arrived it made sense to have something floral in my coffee, and although I was hesitant at first, the combination of coffee, lavender and white mocha was something unique I can say that I’ve only had in Kent.

This drink gives you the sweet, sugary flavor of white mocha with a hint of calming lavender. If you are new to the taste of lavender it has a sweet and almost minty floral taste (it’s part of the mint family). It’s in no way overwhelming or overly floral tasting. It’s just enough. I like to add some half and half and sugar syrup for some added sweetness to tone down the coffee, but with the sweet lavender and white mocha, I probably didn’t need all the sugar.