Where Are They Now? Part 3: 'Veronica Mars'

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Kristin Bell plays Veronica in "Veronica Mars" on UPN Oct. 14, 2004. Photo by Justin Lubin of Warner Bros. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Waterside towns are the perfect setting for a teen drama considering Newport Beach and Tree Hill were the main contenders in the genre in the mid-2000s, but Neptune wasn’t too far behind—at least for a cult favorite. “Veronica Mars” followed Kristen Bell as the title character in her pursuit to stop neighborhood crime starters after her own best friend, portrayed by Amanda Seyfried, was murdered.

The show had a three-year run until mid-2007, but the conversation about the crime drama was brought to light once more almost exactly a year ago when Kristen Bell and show creator Rob Thomas presented the idea of making a movie through Kickstater. They surpassed their goal by $3.7 million, made the movie, released it last week to bigger cities and are already talking about a sequel despite receiving backlash from faulty prizes.

So, besides the obvious end result of the “Veronica Mars” movie, where have some of the famous Neptuners ended up between the show’s end and the movie’s beginning?

Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars)

Like many other teen show stars, Bell’s big break was just that: her teen show. She had one-episode roles on “The Shield,” “American Dreams” and “Everwood” as well as a few straight-to-TV movies—“The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay” and “Gracie’s Choice”—in the early 2000s before landing the title role of Veronica. While stopping crimes, she landed a few scary flicks such as “Deepwater” and “Pulse,” the latter of which had her starring alongside Ian Somerhalder (“Lost,” “The Vampire Diaries”) and singer-actress Christina Milian.

Following “Veronica Mars,” Bell voiced a character on the “Assassin’s Creed” video game series and was the narrator of “Gossip Girl,” which stars Leighton Meester, who was also one of her Neptune High classmates. Bell also landed a recurring role in “Heroes” and portrayed the role of Sarah Marshall in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek” in 2008 and 2010. Between the latter two releases, she added the cliché chick flicks “Couples Retreat,” “When in Rome” and “You Again” to her resumé. Fast forward to 2012 where Bell co-starred with current husband Dax Shepard in “Hit and Run,” a flick written by the latter. Bell and Shepard began dating in 2007 and were engaged in 2010, but refused to marry until same-sex marriage was legalized in California. Once section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act fell on June 26, 2013, Bell Twitter proposed to Shepard and they tied the knot in a courtroom of the Beverly Hills County Clerk Office that October with 7-month daughter in tow.

Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls)

Toledo, Ohio resident Jason Dohring’s third role in his career was a one-episode endeavor on “Baywatch” in the mid-90s followed later by “JAG,” “Boston Public,” “Judging Amy” and “Cold Case” before his “Veronica Mars” debut. He moved on from one investigator to another—with fangs—in “Moonlight,” and voiced a video game (Kingdom Hearts’ “Birth by Sleep” and “Dream Drop Distance”) like Bell. Dohring later had single appearances on “Rules of Engagement” and The CW’s “Supernatural” as well as “Ringer,” the latter of which was a recurring role opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar, but he generally flew under the radar with nothing but “Veronica Mars” to show for his success. He has a three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter with wife Lauren Kutner.

Tina Majorino (Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie)

Unlike Bell and Dohring, Majorino’s breakout role was before “Veronica Mars” as the awkward, side ponytail-wearing Deb in 2004’s “Napoleon Dynamite” and the voice of the character in a cartoon version in 2012. A few minor roles surrounded her Mac portrayal on “Veronica Mars” and led to her playing Heather Tuttle on HBO’s “Big Love” from 2006 to 2011. She would continue on to a short stint on “Bones” and then “True Blood” before settling into a two-season run as Dr. Heather Brooks on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Now that the “Veronica Mars” movie has finished, Majorino has two movies in production: “You Me & Her” and “Legends.” Outside of acting, Majorino started a band with her brother Kevin called The AM Project.

Bonus: Celebs You May Have Not Realized Were on “Veronica Mars”

Leighton Meester (Carrie Bishop)

“Gossip Girl’s” Blair Waldorf was once a Neptune High classmate to Veronica, who—not surprisingly—was a notorious gossiper in her two-episode role. Bishop becomes a pop singer after high school and is not seen again in the show, she ends up being the reason Veronica returns to Neptune in the film adaptation. Meester was unavailable for the role due to scheduling conflicts, so it is portrayed by Twin Sister frontwoman Andrea Estella.

Amanda Seyfried (Lilly Kane)

Seyfried got her start as a child model represented by Wilhelmina who landed her a gig for Limited Too with Meester. She first began acting in soap operas “As the World Turns” and “All My Children” before her role as dumb blonde Karen in “Mean Girls.” That same year, she appeared as Veronica’s murdered best friend through flashbacks in the first few seasons. She followed this up on the ABC Family drama “Wildfire” before landing the starring role in “Mamma Mia!” in 2008 and making out with the deranged Megan Fox in “Jennifer’s Body” in 2009. She continued her star streak with the starring roles in “Chloe,” “Dear John,” “Letters to Juliet and “Red Riding Hood” amidst her recurring role as Sarah Hendrickson on “Big Love” with “Veronica Mars” co-star Tina Majorino. After “Big Love,” Seyfriend starred opposite Justin Timberlake in “In Time” and received roles in “Les Miserables” then “Lovelace” opposite her “Jennifer Body” co-star Adam Brody. Seyfried has several projects in production, one of which will be “Ted 2.” As far as her personal life, Seyfried remans relatively quiet outside of a revealed love of taxidermy (or obsession) and boyfriend and fellow actor Justin Long.

Max Greenfield (Leo)

Before he was Schmidt on “New Girl,” Greenfield was Neptune’s Sheriff Deputy Leo D’Amato. Following “Veronica Mars,” he landed recurring roles on ABC Family’s “Greek” as a French TA and an assistant on “Ugly Betty.” Greenfield had a lot of not so noteworthy one-episode roles before joining Zooey Deschanel. Currently, he’s very active on Twitter and has a child with his casting director wife, Tess Sanchez.