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Address: 175 E. Erie St. 201

Phone: 330-678-1893

Hours: Monday to Saturday, noon to 7 p.m.
Sunday noon to 5 p.m.

Web: http://shoppopped.com/

Photo by Leah Klafczynski

Food: Popcorn! Flavors range from the traditional butter, cheddar and caramel flavors to more “exotic” selections such as FireHouse Caramel, Black Squirrel Crunch (featuring nuts and chocolate) and the tangy Baja Ohio, which is seasoned with chili powder and lime salt. Popped! also offers lemonade and an array of candy such as hand-cut chocolate bars.

Price: $$

The up: Popcorn in flavors you’ve never had for a price that more than matches the quality.

The down: The only downside is paying movie-theater prices for popcorn. It’s definitely going to be a “sometimes” treat rather than an every day snack.

Our call: A bag of popcorn you’ll be more than willing to pay $10 for.

Located in the recently developed Acorn Alley II in downtown Kent, Popped! is a short walk away from campus that’s definitely worth making. If you like popcorn (and who doesn’t like popcorn?) then Popped! has something for you. Aside from the usual flavors, there is also the signature FireHouse Caramel, which starts out as a sweet crunch and ends with a surprisingly heated kick that’ll have you reaching for a glass of water. The prices might seem a little out of range for the frugal college freshman, but the quality of the product is bar none.