Welcome back!

Written by Daisha Overstreet on . Posted in Becoming a College Connoisseur

I hope everyone was able to start his or her semester with ease, because, of course, I couldn't. It would simply be too easy for events in my life to transpire easily. Although I am an out-of-state resident, I live approximately three hours from campus. With this in mind, I figured I should take home ALL of my clothes, bedding, jewelry, accessories and shoes. My plan was to leave most of these (mainly unused) items home, but unfortunately, I arrived to campus with more than what I took home. On a scale from novice to expert on packing, I am below the gage.

On Saturday, Jan. 11, my family stalled leaving due to the vital press conference going on about the water crisis in the "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia (yes, I am from West Virginia for those who asked "Uhh, really?"). Due to a drastic chemical leak in a Freedom Industries facility, West Virginia American Water has banned residents of nine counties from using tap water for any reason other than flushing and extinguishing fires. Needless to say, life is pretty hectic back home. But anyway, while watching this, my parents and I engaged in a conversation sprinkled with questions on what time we planned to leave for Kent. Finally, around 4 p.m., we all squeeze into a tightly packed car. Plagued with severe motion sickness and sleepy and tingly feet, I pray to the Lord Almighty for an expedited trip.

When we finally reached campus, we immediately unloaded the car and made several trips to and from my room. With the amount of crap I brought, plus the harsh, face-scrunching winds, the luggage relay seemed endless. Breathing heavily, we all took a break to catch our breaths. My mom plopped down in my lounge chair with a straight face complemented with wide eyes. My father was slumped over hands on his knees with a bead of sweat dripping from his temple, while I stood with my hands on my head, looking up and thinking "Why did I even bring all of this stuff?!"

Slightly rested, we immediately headed to Walmart to pick up a few supplies to get me through the semester. Since I have only been to this Walmart three times, I am still unaware of the locations of certain products; this caused a little frustration from my parents since this was supposed to be a quick trip. Once we left, we debated on what places to go to eat, but indecisiveness was at its peak that night in the car. So I decided Chipotle, since they have never been there (I figured since the menu isn't that difficult, we would be in and out). First off, my dad pulled into the wrong side and made a possibly illegal U-turn, eventually parking in a "NO PARKING AT ALL" zone. Moving too fast, the workers confused my parents to the point where they were unsure of what they ordered. With our order "to-go," we headed to campus with a brown paper bag full of surprises.

I finished my food first and began to unpack years' worth of luggage. One-sixteenth finished and I realized, "Oh, I left all my towels at home." Slowly and simultaneously, my parents turned their heads toward me, rolled their eyes and, without a word, put their jackets back on and headed to the car. I asked my now male Siri to lead us to Walmart, and within twenty minutes we were back on campus.

Since my roommate was not there, my parents decided to have a slumber party because they didn't want to drive back home late. Neither stayed on campus while in school, so to witness their first night in college was quite amusing to say the least. If you want to have a good laugh, watch two adults (5 foot 7 inches or under) climb onto a slightly lofted bed. Boy, was that an interesting sight. Despite all the unnecessary and ridiculous happenings of that night, I am pleased to have ended it with the ones I love most.

In order to have a smoother trip back, I suggest you:

  • Don't wait until the last minute to do anything.
  • Don't take everything back home during winter break. Nine times out of ten, your belongings will not move.
  • Make a list of supplies you need before going to the store.
  • Parents are always going to annoy or embarrass you. Just face it and embrace it.