Classic Holiday Movies To Indulge In

Written by Rachel Campbell on . Posted in Campbell's Condensed

It feels as if each year, retail stores are placing their Christmas-related items out for sale earlier and earlier. This fall, there were spider rings a step away from tinsel. At this rate, we’ll be seeing trees next to fireworks. Help yourself get into the holiday spirit (if you aren’t there already) by revisiting some of these classic holiday movies.

“A Christmas Story” (1983)

A Christmas Story

TBS runs this movie for 24 hours straight each Christmas Eve into Christmas and as northeast Ohioans, we have a better chance of seeing the house in person since it’s located in Cleveland. These reasons, and the fact that it’s one of the most quotable Christmas movies of all time, make it a perfect flick for your holiday-movie watching.

Classic Quote: “Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.” — The Old Man Parker when opening the box the infamous leg lamp is in.

A Christmas Story

“Elf” (2003)

Will Ferrell has a knack for making movies that are only good once before becoming repetitive in their use of humor, but “Elf’ is one of the exceptions. Watching Ferrell play the clueless, yet charming, Buddy the Elf never gets old.

Classic Quote: "I'm sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR." — Buddy the Elf

“Bad Santa” (2003)

A Christmas Story

Billy Bob Thornton truly proves just how bad Santa can be in this flick. While this one is way more cynical than cheerful, it’s still a must-see for those who enjoy a darker spin on the classic holiday films. Apparently these holiday cynics have Thornton confirming a sequel.

Classic Quote: It’s hard to pick just one, so just enjoy the entire quotable mayhem.

A Christmas Story

“Jingle All the Way” (1996)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is obviously most well-known for the “Terminator” series and his stint as California governor (collectively earning him the title of The Governator from 2003 to 2011), but he also has another gem of a movie, “Jingle All The Way.” This family holiday film has Schwarzenegger’s character, Howard, getting into all kinds of mischief to get his son the hot holiday item.

Classic Quote: “Put that cookie down. Now!” — Howard

“Love Actually” (2003)

A Christmas Story

This one is adorably British and brilliant. Set in London at Christmastime, the film follows multiple storylines that all seem to connect in a way much better than its successors “Valentine’s Day” and “New Years Eve” ever did. Plus, viewers can witness the softer side of Andrew Lincoln before he was slaying zombies as Rick on “The Walking Dead.”

Classic Quote: The best quote in this movie isn’t spoken, but shown in the form of large flash cards between Lincoln and Keira Knightley’s characters. Check out the iconic scene here.

Other Classic Movies to Check Out this Season

  • “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation” (1989)
  • “Home Alone” (1990)
  • “Jack Frost” (1998)
  • “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000)
  • “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946)
  • “The Santa Clause” (1994)
  • “Babes in Toyland” (1986)
  • “I'll Be Home for Christmas” (1998)
  • “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965)
  • “Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993)