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Don’t forget baby Jesus this Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful present-filled Merry Christmas, but don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday Jesus” (or "Happy Birthday baby Jesus" if you're Ricky Bobby) at some point in the day and thank him for his ultimate sacrifice.

Advice from a single lady to all the single ladies

More college-age women are single and lovin' it. Blogger Pam Crimbchin talks to Sarah Cucciarre, a single lady who recognizes the importance of knowing yourself before diving into a relationship.

Get beyond the dorm room on your date night

Planning a date night with your significant other can sometimes be tricky for college students with no car and a limited budget. But check out what some upperclassmen do with their boyfriends to spice up their date nights.

So, you want to be a pastor …

The most important thing Matt, my boyfriend, learns in his classes to be a pastor, is how to interpret the Bible for what it actually says, which can be extremely difficult.

What is love?

Everyone thinks of love differently. I think it’s what makes love so special.

10 ways you’re stopping yourself from meeting your true love

Meeting new people is tricky, especially if you’re looking for love. It’s hard to know what to say, how to act and when to make a move.

q&a: My significant other is always texting. Should I be worried?

Love Q&A: How do you deal with a distant significant other who is always texting?

Opposite sex friends

It’s easy to have girl nights or guy outings, but is it actually possible to remain close to friends of the opposite sex while in a relationship?

q&a: When is it time to say goodbye?

Don’t settle for The Heartbreaker when there are plenty of Mr. Wonderfuls out there!

Permanent Blackout

Grab a case of beer, some vodka and whatever else you've got and drink it all at once—only then will you be cool enough to read this.